Lucky Patcher Download v7.1.3 APK Official for Android

Lucky Patcher Download: Lucky Patcher is an one of the best mobile application hacking app to download on your Android device. You should obviously have this app in order to just hack all types of In App Purchases regarding each and every Android app. With Lucky Patcher, you can hack all game assets also. So with that permission, you can be a topper of your favorite Android games.

lucky patcher download

You can download Lucky Patcher Original file from here. So you do not need to worry about Downloading this app, because it will not harm your Android device. This app has already scan against viruses and it is 100% safe. ‘Lucky Patcher App’ is free and you can Download it by a single click. (Lucky Patcher Download) Lucky Patcher Download Latest Version 7.1.3!

NOTE:- We are not the owners of Lucky Patcher app; the copyrights are owned by Chelpus.

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Change logs

Latest versions of Lucky Patcher APK is 7.1.3 for Android devices. You can download mod apps from Google Play Store also. Lucky Patcher App is changing rapidly. This is because all apps and games in this app list are getting update frequently. So in order to get all app information and patches, this app needs some additional system files to update them. So this app has so many updates with it. You can choose a suitable version for your app and then you can install them on your Android device for free.

Lucky Patcher v7.1.3:

  • Proxy server for GP updated
  • Lag after start removed (application scanning disabled).
  • All bugs are fixed.
  • Translations are updated.

Lucky Patcher v7.1.2:

  • All bugs are fixed.
  • Translations are updated.
  • Open lpzip files for some explorers are fixed.
  • Modded Google Play 7.8.74 to In App ver.7 updated.
  • Support patch for InApp updated.
  • Cyclic addition of a custom patch from lp zip fixed.

Lucky Patcher v7.0.5:

  • Updating host changed (Auto-updates added)
  • Get classes.dex for some corrupted apk files are fixed.
  • Translations are updated.
  • All bugs are fixed.

Lucky Patcher v7.0.3:

  • Updating host changed
  • Proxy server for GP to dialog “Install modded GP” feature added.
  • FC for GP proxy server fixed.
  • Generate license fixed for some firmwares.
  • FC for corrupted classes.dex are fixed.
  • Set delay 3 days to auto-update for custom patches.
  • Translations are updated.
  • All bugs are fixed.

Lucky Patcher v7.0.2:

  • Custom patches have updated.
  • Translations are updated.
  • All bugs are fixed.

These are all those details about those change logs about this app. What you need is to download this app to have a better idea. It will help you to understand about this app. We hope that you got a good information with this information session. Please stay with us.

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