Lucky Patcher APK Latest v7.4.7 Download for Android

Lucky Patcher Apk is an awesome Android app, which works as a managing app of certificates and bypass them easily. This particular app is known as a separate app, which will enable you to do anything regarding Android apps. With this app, you can simply manage any Android apps and also you can modify them without any problem. Lucky patcher app is having a specific ability to remove all those additional ads which roams all around a free Android app.

lucky patcher apk for android

By opening this Lucky Patcher Apk App, you can view on which apps are supported by this amazing app. By that simple tip, you can have a look on the app list of this amazing app. This app will support a wide number of apps to be hacked with. If you need to make any changes or modifications with any app that you have on your Android device, then you have to click on that specific app and then click that app to hack it.

It will show you some important things as information of the app that you are using, the way to uninstall it, remove some extreme data from it, access, how to create backups and so many things.

Lucky Patcher App Features for Android

Below are some of those essential features with this Lucky Patcher Original app.

  • You can use this app to remove all kinds of license verification processes from those Android apps and games.
  • This app will remove all pre-installed apps regarding your Android smartphone or tab.
  • Users can manage their Android app permissions and also to remove all kinds of permissions on those apps.
  • Users can simply block all ads which come from Google systems.
  • You can simply move apps onto your SD card via one click.
  • Lucky Patcher Apk app will allow to simply hack all in app purchases for free.
  • Users can modify all permissions regarding apps.
  • You can restore apps.
  • Users can bypass pro app license verifications.
  • Users will have an ability to create some apps which have been modified by one single click.
  • You can update any Android app by just click them via this app. You do not need to go to Google PlayStore and then find that particular app to update it. It will be provided by itself.
  • Users can have a complete type back up from their Android apps which has been installed. So you won’t lost those apps.
  • This app will get all in app purchases for free without even making Google informed about it. Actually, Google will think that you have actually purchases those in app purchases by paying them.
  • If you like, you can clone a certain app if you are interested in that process. But this process is not stable.
    You can simply freeze any Android app which does not behave well on your Android device.

Lucky Patcher APK Download

download lucky patcher

This is the section which will give you a clear idea on how to simply download this app. If you love to use this app, then you have to get to know about how can you download this app. This simple write up will also give you an ability on how to just remove a technical program with aid of this app of Lucky patcher. You can always download this app on a direct link. So you can download it easily.

NOTE:- We are not the owners of Lucky Patcher Apk; the copyrights are owned by Chelpus.


Lucky Patcher App Specifications

This is the latest 7.4.7 version of Lucky Patcher APK and the file size is about 6.82 MB. (Lucky Patcher 2019)

SpecificationLucky Patcher
Current Version7.4.7
Size7 MB
Official Website
Total Downloads530 million+
RequirementAndroid 2.3+
Released OnOctober 13, 2018

Supported Android Versions of Lucky patcher

Below are the list of Android versions which has been supported to install Lucky patcher app. Let us see this list.

  • Honeycomb
  • Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Gingerbread
  • Lollipop
  • Jelly Bean
  • KitKat
  • Android Marshmallow

System Requirements (Minimum)

Please check whether your Android Device is compatible with following features before installing Lucky Patcher to run smoothly.

  • Android version above 2.3 (Gingerbread)
  • Your device should be Rooted
  • 512MB of RAM needed
  • Free 50 MB internal memory

How to Install & Use Lucky Patcher App?

This app is an app which we like to recommend as one of a good app for your Android device. This simple section will give you a better review of this amazing app. You can simply hack all Android apps for free by using this app, and also users will have an ability to install this app for free and an easy manner also.

Ok, Here are the steps you have to follow.

Step 01. First of all,You need to rooted android device. So as the first step root your Android device.

Step 02. Once you have rooted your Android device, you are ready to install Lucky Patcher.

Step 03. Then, you have to download lucky patcher file from trusted source.

Step 04. Now, soon as you have downloaded this app, then you have to navigate to settings, then security, general option and then click on unknown sources option. This will help you to download all Android apps which is not from Google PlayStore. Now, you can run this app on your Android device.

unknown resources lucky patcher

Step 05. Double tap that file, then you have to click on ‘Install’ button. It will be in a popup dialog box. Now, you can install Lucky Patcher.

install lucky patcher

How to apply Custom Patch (Lucky Patcher 2019)

If you need to apply ‘Custom Patch’ feature, then you have to follow these steps for that.

Step 01. First of all, you have to check whether what kind of apps will have a custom patch feature with it. If you find such app, then you have to click on it.

custome patch lucky patcher

Step 02. Now, you have to select on open menu which has all patches app, then click on ‘Custom Patch’ option.
Soon you have to click on Apply. You have to wait for some time until those patches are there on screen. If you see them applied, then you can use them without any problem.

apply custom patch lucky patcher

How to do In App Purchases (Lucky Patcher Apk 2019)

First of all, you need to have a Rooted Android Device. Once it’s rooted follow the steps given below.

Step 01. As the first step open ‘Lucky Patcher’

installed lucky patcher apk

Step 02. Then you have to grant this app to access root permissions, Grant/Allow it to access root permissions.

root privillage lucky patcher

Step 03. Now, what you have to do is, you need to navigate to store section which is inside your desired Android app. Then, you have to give a try to purchase anything that you love to have from that particular store. As soon as you click this purchasing section, you can see that a window will open saying Lucky Patcher.

android app list lucky patcher apk

Step 04. In that window, you can see a message displaying that do you require to download this particular app for free. So then, you have to click Yes button.

in app purchases lucky patcher apk

Now, you can see that, the Android app that you are willing to hack is finally hacked. If you can see your app in list of apps which is really successfully hacked by this app, then surely it will get patched by Lucky Patcher.

Why Lucky Patcher 2019 is so special?

lucky patcher 2018

Lucky Patcher Apk app is a specific app which will allow you to simply hack all kinds of pro and paid apps. So you do not need to worry about all those payments regarding pro apps and games. Users will not have to spend a single penny for this app also. You can download this app for free without any problem.

This app is available worldwide. Meaning that, you can download this app no matter where you live. It is not a restricted app. This app will not include premium app features where you have to pay a certain amount and obtain them. You get so many features with this app, and that is absolutely free.

All people who love to play so many games and like to use so many apps will have an ultimate ability to use this app without any restrictions and for free. You should obviously have this app on your Android smartphone or tab. Lucky Patcher Apk app is basically use as an app to crack all kinds of Android games and apps. So with this app, you can do so many things apart from cracking or hacking an Android app or a game. So this amazing app will give you an ability to download in app purchases for free. And that is the main feature of this app.

Each and every game lovers love to play their games without any obstacles from ads which occurs frequently. And of course, those ads are really annoying. So, with this amazing app, you will have an ability to remove and avoid all those ads on free games and also apps. You can use this app to handle all problems and issues which arise regarding game and app cracking procedures. Android users won’t have any doubt and problems regarding using this app.

Now, let us talk about a main purpose and feature about this app. You can simply patch any Android application or any apk file with this app. So eventually all those premium and pro app features purchases and also all upgrades will be there for free. This amazing app will gradually remove all kinds of verification processes which takes part of license verification processes. So will not have to check those license verifications for pro apps.

This app will help you to remove license verification process on any Android app or game. This app will also help to remove all types of Android ads which will annoy you. You can have a copy of all apps that you use with this app. Users can also uninstall any apps which was pre-installed on your Android device. This is eligible only with this lucky patcher. You can use this app with any Android device under any Android version.

It includes Marshmallow version also. Lucky patcher app has an ability to work with so many app versions here are some apps which will have an ability to work with Lucky patcher app.

  • Candy Crush Saga
  • Hill Climb Racing
  • PockerStar
  • Freeze Free Fall
  • SerpMojo
  • Perry
  • Talking Tom
  • Temple Run 2
  • Pinball
  • Real Cricket

Ok, so if you really like to install this app, then you have to root your Android device. Because this app will ask for root access immediately after you have installed this app.

Important information about Lucky Patcher App

  • You can download this amazing app under version number of 7.4.7
  • Users can download this app easily, this app needs only 7 MB of your android device memory only.
  • You can download this app from a direct download link easily.
  • Users need to root their Android device to install this app.
  • You cannot use this app if you are using an iPhone device.

Lucky Patcher FAQ for 7.4.7 App Version

Lucky Patcher Apk app is considered to be one of a most popular app on any rooted Android device. This app will give Android users a chance to modify apps also. You can remove all app license on those apps. Users can also enable all types of custom ROMS also. It will be made to conduct apps also. You can use this app to control all applying choice. Users can save all revised versions regarding apk files regarding any app or games also. Below are some FAQs regarding this app.

Lucky Patcher Apk remains as a single answer regarding all app purchase procedures which relates to hacking processes. You can use this regarding modification regarding each and every iOS and Android devices. This app includes so many cracked patchers to serve their customers. It has a huge collection. You can find almost any app or game from this amazing app list. Below are some FAQ’s you can clarify any doubts freely.

Q: When installing Lucky Patcher Apk, Google Chrome displays that “This file can be harmful” is that true?
Ans: You can ignore it. Because it will display regarding each and every Android app.

Q: Why this app runs slowly or lagging?
Ans: Your Android device may be old. And also it will run an Android version of gingerbread is not installed properly.

Q: Can you use Lucky patcher app for iOS devices?
Ans: No, this app is only available for Android devices.

Q: Why Lucky patcher app has so many updates?
Ans: Those apps and games which are in list of this app will frequently update. And then this app will need new files too.

Q: Can we use this app? Is this app is a safe app?
Ans: So many users are using this app, but we have not informed that any user complained about the damage of their Android device. You can use this app without any issue. It is 100% safe. It changes app library, not Android operating system files.

Q: There are different color apps are there in this app. What does it mean?
Ans: Green color says that, that particular app is having a big chance to have it registered via patching. Yellow color tells that you have a custom patch regarding this app.

Q: What does it mean by clover and star?
Ans: Clover tells that thus patcher is doing and applying changes along that app. Star symbol means that dalvik-cache apps is fixed.

Q: A detailed help regarding this app?
Ans: If you need detailed help, you need to navigate to lucky patcher app and then click on menu button, go to settings, you have to find more information about this app.

Q: If a patched app process results in showing 60% lick and then when that app is opened it has not affected by that patch. Why is that?
Ans: 60% of luck means that this patch is not working.

Q: Lucky patcher app is not work or freeze or crash. Why is that?
Ans: This may happen due to several reasons:

  • Android device that you are using is not rooted.
  • Busybox app is not installed.
  • Android device is very slow.
  • You are not having latest version of this lucky patcher app.

Q: How can users download latest version of lucky patcher app?
Ans: You can navigate to their official site and download latest version of this app.

Q: Suggest some software to root any Android device.
Ans: Framaroot software is good. You can download that app to root your Android device.

Q: Can you use Lucky patcher app on windows operating system smartphones?
Ans: Lucky patcher app is only available with Android operating system. No cracked apps are having ability to use on smartphones which contains operating system as windows operating system.

Q: Can you use Lucky patcher on any desktop device?
Ans: No, you have no ability to use it with desktop systems. It only works with Android operating system.

Q: Can you download Lucky patcher app from Google PlayStore?
Ans: No, you cannot download this app from Google PlayStore. You have to navigate to their official website to download this app. Please check this app for more details.

Official Site for Downloading Lucky Patcher

There are so many websites to download the Lucky patcher app. But today we thought of talking about an awesome website, which will allow you to just get to know and download this awesome website. This amazing website for Lucky patcher app is sharing a quality information about this app. You will have an ability to get to know about on how to use this app correctly.

Not only that, this website will share you a unique knowledge about getting known on a Google PlayStore which has been modified. If you still do not understand on how to use this app in a correct way, then you can easily navigate to video tutorial section and check their own videos. While checking those videos, you can demonstrate yourself to handle this app.

About this awesome website

While you use this app, you can get to know all custom patches that are available with this app. Custom patches are there to use when you need to patch up an Android app. So you can navigate to this custom patches section, and get to know about how to patch your favorite games and apps for free. If you consider a pro app, you need to purchase them by paying a certain amount. But when you get a patch, you do not need to worry about paying that amount. Instead of that, you can just get this patch and then play any game that you need to pay.

Ok, so when talking about this app, you can use this site to download Lucky patcher app. This website is a good source to download this app. They have described all aspects of this app very nicely and clearly. So you can choose this amazing website to download Lucky patcher app for free. We strongly recommend this website to download all game patches that you need to have for your Android smartphone or tab.

How this website assist you?

This website works as an official website to download and use Lucky patcher app. They have a set of app versions to download by Android users. So you can use this app with a suitable version which will assist you to work correctly with a version. So we recommend you to use this app and download it from this site.

Credits About Developer

Now you know the importance of having Lucky Patcher in your Android device. So, let’s take a minute to thank all the creators behind the scenes making and supporting to deploy the Lucky Patcher APK around the universe. The Chelpus team has done the tremendous work here and foremost!. I would like to give a special thank for the developing team of this amazing app. Because of their great effort and dedication, today we can experience this awesome app. I created this website to share the details about Lucky Patcher among all users in all over the world.

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